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The Healing Arts Village, Non-Profit Plan

     There is a consciousness shift at hand in today's society, most visibly in metropolitan areas where progressive ideals have manifested a growing number of wellness centers, yoga studios, and vegan restaurants.  Yet, obesity and other diseases are on the rise, amounts of toxins are legally regulated in many foods sold in supermarkets, and the general public hardly seems to recognize the correlations between their habits and their health problems.  

My intention is to act as an agent of change where the access to new and better health practices are concerned.  My vision is to cultivate urban communities wherein community centers, health clinics, and conscious businesses collectively strive to empower the general urban populace to achieve and sustain wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

          Compassionate and thorough consultations and treatment of patients is a sorely neglected

ideal in the world of fast-paced doctor visits and urgent-care waiting rooms.  Doctors have little time to ask their patients questions about possible causal factors of pain or disease, much less answer patient inquiries at length.  And patients often are not equipped with enough background knowledge to understand what questions they should be asking of their health-care providers.  Often patients accept prescribed drugs and procedures without question because they believe they have no other choice.  My mission is to present alternatives to this scenario, and I plan to do this by expanding the public's awareness of  holistic medicine practices in urban communities.  

        In Long Beach, California, I have discovered a rich healing community of practitioners and educators.  Naturopathic doctors, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Reiki practitioners, chiropractors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, energy workers, Ayurvedic practitioners, vegan chefs, nutritionists,

martial arts teachers, somatic healing practitioners, and many other types of health-promoting occupations are present in this town.  Here an opportunity has arisen, to realize my intention to facilitate an organized collective, working to empower inner-city communities to employ small adjustments and larger changes within their lives in order to achieve and sustain optimal health of body and mind.  

          Currently, I am working on building a network of local professionals in the healing arts for the purpose of creating workshops and programs to demonstrate the benefits of good nutrition, meditation, physical flexibility and regular exercise, preventative medicine, toxin-awareness, and emotional  healing.  The Healing Arts Village of Long Beach is a nonprofit in development, and I plan to have it in operation by December 2014.  The plan is to cultivate a collective comprised of healthcare professionals who are prepared to educate and provide services to low-income communities, enabling all individuals wishing to overcome illness, poor health, and chronic physical, mental, and emotional problems, to attain a higher quality of life and to sustain that on their own.                

          As I work at growing my local acupuncture and holistic healthcare practice, my heart and soul is very devoted to community outreach and education via workshops, festivals, and public events.  

In the future, Healing Arts Village  will visit communities around the world, teaching about various practices which promote physical healing and wellness, sustainable high-quality food and water sourcing, and spiritual well-being.  The intention is to create fun and educational activities of interest to all age groups, and to excite individuals at home and around the world about the prospects of living healthier, happier lives by making different choices and taking steps toward self-empowerment.

Denise Marie Estrada, LAc

​July 2014


About Your Practitioner

Denise M. Estrada, LAc, MTOM 

Denise is a devoted holistic practitioner, incorporating sound healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and the principles of yoga in her treatment courses.
After graduating from Emperor's College in 2012, she sought to build her private practice, Healingsound Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine, in Long Beach, CA. She saw a need for affordable holistic health support and began to participate in community events, enabling the public to sample traditional healing methods and promoting awareness of traditional medicine. Self-healing education and empowerment is the motivation behind her practice today, as she invites questions and provides explanations during healing sessions.

Denise specializes in stress relief, digestive care, and women's health. She also incorporates sound therapy and aromatherpy during the sessions.

5280 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

5280 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803