March 2, 2017

Tiffany Shaddock, Long Beach CA said:
"The treatments that I've received from Denise have brought healing and expansion into my life that are far beyond my expectations. She uses her many gifts in a way that allows me to feel profoundly safe, nurtured and loved. With her guidance, I'm creating a wellness plan that allows the energy of our sessions to flow into my everyday life... and I'm overcoming my symptoms of PTSD in a gentle yet powerful way. My sleep, eating and overall sense of calm have noticeably improved and I feel empowered within mySelf, my body and my Practice. "

September 3, 2014

Anita D, Burbank, CA, said:
"Denise Thank you for being an integral part of my “Surgery Recovery – Superwoman-Style” Program. 
My plan worked! When it became apparent that I needed surgery to remove the almost 6 lbs. of tumors growing in my belly, I knew I needed help to recover in time to enjoy my vacation scheduled for less than three weeks after surgery. We devised a plan where my first appointment for acupuncture was scheduled 48 hours after surgery (while still in the hospital) and we continued three times a week for three weeks. My Superwoman recovery has been even better than I “planned”. Off all pain medications with 10 days. Back to work ½ day on day 11 post-surgery. Back to work full-time starting day 12 post-surgery. I can feel my body getting stronger every day and I really feel great. I rest when I need and I’m now craving to red meat to get my full strength back. Day 19 post-surgery, I’ll start my vacation confident that I will be able to enjoy every moment of the sand, surf and sun in Fiji. Thank you so much for your wonderful care and support which allowed my body to heal itself so quickly. Anita D. "

Acupuncture Treatment Reviews

March 23, 2015

Pat Estes, Long Beach CA said:

Thank you, Master Denise, for my extraordinary Acupuncture experience today. I am still in awe of the transformation physically, and energetically, from your Acupuncture treatment/knowledge. I definitely will continue again-and-again. Can not express my gratitude in words. Thank you so very-very much!!!! The results were instant! — with Denise Marie Estrada at RejuveNation Spa.ype your paragraph here.

June 30, 2014

Mike Nam, Lomita, CA said:
Denise is a brilliant and intuitive healer. Me being an acupuncturist I am really really picky about who I give recommendations to. She is so caring and compassionate too! 
Denise combines acupuncture with sound therapy. I am a former Army Medic with multiple deployments and I am constantly in the healing process from it. After ONE treatment from Denise I felt a calm that I have rarely experienced before from acupuncture
— 5 stars

Sept. 17, 2014

Janell Shun, Glendale CA  said:
"I am so happy that my first acupuncture experience was with Denise. She made me feel at ease with her knowledge and was very gentle with needle insertion. A week after my treatment, I've already noticed a difference in my energy and metabolism which we focused on. I'm looking forward to my next session and making it part of my routine to maintain my health."

5 stars

​​​February 22, 2016

Marie Marotte, Long Beach, CA, said:

"Just had a wonderfully healing acupuncture session at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing! I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated ready for my evening shift at work! Thank you ❤Denise Marie Estrada To all my LB friends, looking for acupuncture, go see Denise, she is amazing."