Acupuncture is relatively painless and quite relaxing.  I cater to patients who prefer a gentle needling style.  Acupuncture stimulate movement of stagnant Qi, which would otherwise  eventually lead to pain and disease.

Tuina medical massage utilizes a number of acupressure techniques for relieving tension from the tissue, alleviating stress, and facilitating faster healing of scar tissue.

Denise Marie Estrada

​Licensed Acupuncturist and Holistic Practitioner

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Cupping involves the use of glass or silicone cups to relieve stagnation from fascia and muscle tissue.  

Most  find it pleasurable, and it is very effective for general relaxation and for treating pain due to muscle tension.  Minor suction marks fade after a few days.

Complete Diagnostic Intake Process

Spending time with the patient to understand the causal factors of the pain or illness and the nature of the imbalance is essential for creating an effective course of treatment.

Upon initial meeting, the acupuncturist will ask an extensive series of questions regarding digestion, energy levels and lifestyle patterns, as part of the routine intake process.  Additionally, the practitioner conducts a physical examination which involves observing the patient's physical appearance, flow of skeletal movement, quality of voice and body sounds, and standard vital readings, such as blood pressure and heart rate.  After the examination and discussion, arriving at an accurate diagnosis enables the physician to design an effective treatment plan for the patient.

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Fertility Enhancement
  • Arthritis Pain Relief
  • Post-Stroke Hemiplegia
  • Post-Partum Depression

​Healing Sound Acupuncture and Wellness

Acupuncture and Traditional Eastern Medicine are proven to effectively treat numerous health conditions and to provide optimal support for most wellness goals. 

  • ​​Anxiety/Stress
  • Post-Operative Recovery
  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Muscle Tension
  • Low Back Pain/Sciatica

Providing personalized holistic

wellness coaching and spiritual healing guidance 

with compassion and precision.

Chinese Herbs have been used for several thousands of years to treat a wide array of chronic and acute symptoms and conditions.  

Hundreds of  patent formulas are available by prescription after  consultation with an  acupuncturist.